3 Quick Tips for Traveling With Your Cat

Keep Your Carrier Accessible

Many people keep cat carriers in storage – like a basement or garage – and only pull it out before a trip to the vet. Your cat probably doesn’t like its carrier as a result, since they aren’t used to it. To help remedy this, try making the cat carrier a part of your home so they can feel safe both near and in it.

Take Test Drives

Once your cat becomes used to the carrier, try taking your cat on short rides in the car in their carrier. Make sure to have these rides be positive experiences. Try bringing their favorite toy or snack. Ideally, you should be seeing your cat be relaxed, quiet and even purring. If all goes well, you can start increasing the distance of your rides.

Don’t Rush

Try to avoid running after your cat right before you leave. This can scare your cat and make them more defensive and more likely to scratch or bite. Instead, try putting out your carrier (since they should already be used to it) and coax them in with their favorite treat. (Pro-tip: Our Calm Carrier is perfect for this!)

Have any traveling tips that you use for your cat? Comment below and let us know!

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