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Van Ness Plastic Holding Co. Inc. the makers of Pureness Products and other fine pet-caring products, have established an Internet Privacy Policy. We would like you, our Website visitors to be aware of our policies regarding the information you share with us on our Website. Listed below are some of our policies regarding this information.

WEBSITE INFORMATION: Van Ness Plastic Holding Co. Inc. will not sell any information we gather on our Web site. We collect identifiable information for four reasons: 1) to contact consumers with reminders, updates, and news, 2) to notify retail customers about new product releases, 3) to send out product literature, etc. via regular mail, and 4) to conduct consumer & retailer testing and feedback.

REMINDERS, UPDATES, HOT NEWS! In our customer support forum within the Van Ness Plastic Holding Co. Inc. Website, there is an option to subscribe to an E-mail database, which is used to send reminders, updates and hot news pertaining to the Websites. There’s always an option to decline to be contacted by email and are offered other correspondence options. E-mail addresses gathered from minors and adults for support purposes are used only for this purpose and no other.

COOKIES: On occasion our Websites may use Cookies or various types of data collecting techniques to enhance the viewing experience or collect session information. Under NO circumstances is any data tied to any identifiable information, such as an e-mail address.

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