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pet beds for 2017

New Pet Beds

Van Ness has introduced a whole new line of pet bed designs, colors and textures for 2017. Our EcoSleeper™ line of sustainable pet beds offer an assortment of new patterns and colors. Made with premium reclaimed poly-cotton yarn, they are an exceptional quality for the frugal pet owner. Our Beautiful Dreamer™ line of luxury beds include new colors and fabric textures in oval and pillow styles along with our new lounger design in 3 convenient sizes. Made with 100% recycled polyester fabric all of our Van Ness Pet Beds are 100% made in the USA including materials and fill. See the complete line at of beds in Ecosleeper sustainable beds and Beautiful Dreamer luxury beds.

lightweight decorative & slow feeder stainless dishes

new stainless dishes

Adding to our already large offering of stainless steel dishes, our new Van Ness Deco Lightweight Stainless Dish featuring a unique, colorful border and a new Slow Feeder to help your dog from chocking while eating. Both are made with hygienically, high-polished, high grade steel. See the complete line of stainless for dogs and stainless dishes sized for cats.

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